Men’s Basketball: Latest Mock Bracket

We are approaching the regional tournaments, and there will of course be some big surprises. Here is our latest national tournament mock bracket and at large bids. This is all based on my updated team ratings. Check it out below…

#1 Ohio Christian University – Mid East

#8 Manhattan Christian College – Central – At Large

#9 Multnomah University – West


#4 Pennsacola Christian College – South – At Large

#5 North Central University – North Central


#2 Grace University – Central

#7 Arlington Baptist College – South West

#10 Grace Bible College – Mid West


#3 Trinity Baptist College – South

#6 Lancaster Bible College – East

Last Two In

  • Pennsacola Christian College – South Region
  • Manhattan Christian College – Central Region

First Two Out

  • West Coast Baptist College – West Region
  • Clearwater Christian College – South Region

Next Two Out

  • Hillsdale Free Will Baptist – South West Region
  • Dallas Christian College – South West Region

About Cole McGee

Cole is a full time pastor in Olathe, KS. He is a graduate from Manhattan Christian College, and has a part time hobby in all things statistics. You can reach Cole with your "love" mail at