Men’s Basketball: 2012 CCSN Player of the Year

t’s now time for the 2012 CCSN National Player of the Year Award. The recipient of this award must meet three criteria to even be considered for this award. They must play a full season, lead their team to a Region Championship, and finally have an outstanding National Tournament. After you put those three together it was an easy choice, click to find out our CCSN Men’s National Player of the Year:

Latrell Alford

School: Valley Forge Christian College

Pos.: Forward

Height: 6’3

Yr: Senior






Quote from the Recipient: “‘It’s all about the journey’ Through the ups and downs we remained a team that was held together by more than just players and coaches but by God. At the end of the day we strived to bring him glory and I think we reached our ultimate goal”

Thoughts: You won’t find him on top 25 list for the offense side of the basketball, but where Alford became the National Player of the Year is on the offensive end. He has always been one of the most elite players in the country defensively and he didn’t disappoint this season, but now he has become an offense threat that teams had to respect.

Alford is a leader and he led Valley Forge back to the National Title game. Is he happy that he won the NCCAA and CCSN National Player of the Year? Sure, but I know he’d rather have a big blue banner. With the legacy that he has helped lay down at Valley Forge the last few seasons, I’m sure it’s not that far away.

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