Men’s Basketball: Region Teams

With the release of the region teams each year, we have an opportunity to see who has performed well throughout the NCCAA DII landscape.  It also gives everyone a glimpse into the caliber of talent across the NCCAA who may not have succeeded in reaching the National Tournament.  

So with that, we congratulate everyone on this list and please let me know if there needs to be any changes.
(Region MVP’s are bolded)


South Region 
Todd Wahlberg – Clearwater Christian College
Tory Wooley – Atlanta Christian College
Samuel Stephens – Florida Christian College
Terrence Taylore – Florida Christian College
Johnny Sutherland – Toccoa Falls College 

West Region
Dominique Watson – New Hope Christian College
Colton Cochran – West Coast Baptist
Tim Mahaan – Portland Bible College
Steven Bustrin – Multnomah University
Carlos Johnson – West Coast Baptist
Caleb DeGroot New – Hope Christian College 

East Region
Justin Kinsey – Valley Forge Christian College
Michael Stum – Valley Forge Christian College
Kevin Keltner – Lancaster Bible College
Latrell Alford – Valley Forge Christian College
Kody Koser – Lancaster Bible College 

Allen Durham – Grace Bible College
Steve Harrison – Moody Bible Institute
Josh Stein – Maranatha Baptist Bible
Seth Quirley – Northland International
Cory Jamieson – Grace Bible College 

Antoine Warren – Dallas Christian College
Chad Gehrke – Hillsdale Free Will Baptist
Drew Hanson – Ozark Christian College
Isaac Gonzales – Dallas Christian College
Louis Burden – Hillsdale Free Will Baptist
Brody Clark – Hillsdale Free Will Baptist 

Casey Jones – Kentucky Christian University
Tirrell Cumberland – Ohio Christian University
Tim Baker – Ohio Christian University
Jeremy Hays – Ohio Christian University
Blandon Clemons – Kentucky Christian University 

North Central
Nathan Roeder – North Central University
Tyler Betz – Faith Baptist Bible College
Josh Morris – Trinity Bible
Dathan Marshall – Faith Baptist Bible College
Levi Kooistra – North Central University 

Charles Page – Manhattan Christian College
Blake Hanson – Central Bible College
Chris Weber – Central Bible College
Bobby Hughes – Baptist Bible College (MO)
Lorenzo Campbell – Grace University 


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